Last Friday, March 1st, St. Francis College got the chance to experience a night of live performances, dancing, singing, poetry and even drama.

Doors opened at 6pm. However, the show started at 7pm and went on a little after 10pm. Which gave me an opportunity to speak and introduce myself backstage to some of the performers as they were warming up and getting ready to start the night.

Now, when I was first introduced to the host of the event Nigel (Scott Morris), they told me: “You should meet him, all of his events are not only great but also inspiring.” And last friday night, as I was backstage with the performers, I was definitely convinced. You could feel the chill and eager anticipation as each performer waited their turn to go on stage and show what they were passionate about. I.O.D, K. Wh1+3, Yahiness, The Nomads, Mr. Weirdo, Ron Teri, Lorenzo, Shas, Havoc, J-Brook, Cindy, Katherine George, Sitcom Life Brown, Stixx, Sapphire Hart, Matt Violinist, and of course Justina Parlay were just few of the many getting ready to perform.¬†As I introduced myself to one of them and asked if she was nervous, she said: “There’s nothing to be nervous for. All of us are like a family, we got each other’s back and support one another as we go along the way.”

The 2nd Annual I Have a Dream Showcase at St. Francis College

Katherine George nailed it on stage. But, so did Mr. Weirdo with his polemic poetry. Along with Matt Violinist’s, Sapphire Hart’s, and Phi Sigma Chi’s performances, who made the crowd go crazy and put everyone to dance, this showcase gained the merit to be featured on MTV. Congratulations to all performers!

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